LM5899AXS-19J Ergonomic Mesh Chair

LM5899AXS-19J Ergonomic Mesh Chair

LM5899AXS-19J Ergonomic Mesh Chair
LM5899AXS-19J Ergonomic Mesh Chair
LM5899AXS-19J Ergonomic Mesh Chair
LM5899AXS-19J Ergonomic Mesh Chair
Larger size mesh back with all mesh design chair seat or high density PU mold foam seat. Various adjustable components available as option for different users' requirements
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All mesh design office chair with multiple adjustable features on headrest and armrest

*All mesh design chair back and seat
*3 ways adjustment mesh headrest(height, angle, and reclining)
*2D adjustable armrest with soft PU armrest pad (height and sliding)
*Synchronous auto-weighting mechanism with 4 positions lock, chair height adjustment, and chair seat depth adjustment
*350 mm reinforced Nylon + Glass Fiber material chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

This ergonomic mesh office chair is designed to provide comfort and support for long hours of sitting.

The entire chair, from the headrest to the seat, is made of high-strength breathable mesh. 

This provides excellent ventilation and prevents overheating, even during long periods of use.

The backrest is taller and more robust than other products in the company's lineup. 

This allows users to choose whether or not to use the headrest, depending on their individual needs.

The front of the seat features a waterfall design that helps to reduce pressure on the thighs. This provides a more comfortable sitting experience.

The headrest is a patented three-way adjustable design that is made of mesh. 

Users can adjust the height, angle, and tilt of the headrest to provide comfortable support for the neck or head.

The armrests are adjustable in height and feature soft PU armrest pads for comfortable support for the arms.

The chair is equipped with a self-weight synchronous mechanism. 

This mechanism automatically adjusts the tilt tension to fit the user's weight, no manual adjustment is required.

The mechanism allows for different tilting angles and seat height adjustment. 

The mechanism also features a seat depth adjustment, so users can adjust the seat depth to their liking.

The base is made of reinforced nylon plastic and features durable heavy duty casters. This combination provides the chair with excellent stability.

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