LM5899BX Multi Functional Mesh Chair

LM5899BX Multi Functional Mesh Chair

LM5899BX Multi Functional Mesh Chair
LM5899BX Multi Functional Mesh Chair
Larger size mesh back with all mesh design chair seat or high density PU mold foam seat. Various adjustable components available as option for different users' requirements
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Mesh back with PU seat foam design office chair with multi-adjustable functions on chair seat, chair back, and armrest

*Mesh back with PU seat foam design
*2D adjustable armrest with soft PU armrest pad (height and sliding)
*Multifunctional mechanism with 4 independent levers for back tilting, seat tilting, height adjustment, and forwarder tilting stopper
*350 mm reinforced Nylon + Glass Fiber material chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

This ergonomically designed mid-high back mesh office chair is suitable for a variety of office environments.

The chair's backrest is made of breathable mesh fabric that helps to keep the user cool and comfortable even during long periods of sitting. 

The backrest is also taller and more sturdy than other products in IOUJIA's product line.

We choose a thick and high density PU molded foam to make the chair seat and uphosltered with fabric. 

PU foam is known for its ability to provide long-lasting comfort, even after extended use.

The armrests are with soft PU armrest pads and can be adjusted in height.

The chair's multi-functional mechanism has four independent control levers that allow users to adjust the backrest tilting, seat tilting, seat forward tilt, and seat height. 

This allows users to customize the chair's settings to find the perfect position for their needs and reduce fatigue.

The chair's base is made of reinforced nylon and features a high-fork design. 

They also include durable casters that provide stability and mobility.

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