LM5889AX-B Ergonomic Mesh Chair

LM5889AX-B Ergonomic Mesh Chair

LM5889AX-B Ergonomic Mesh Chair
LM5889AX-B Ergonomic Mesh Chair
LM5889AX-B Ergonomic Mesh Chair
LM5889AX-B Ergonomic Mesh Chair
All mesh design or mesh back with high density PU mold seat foam office chair, Various adjustable components available as option for different users' requirements
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All mesh design office chair with black color components and multi-adjustable functions on chair seat, chair back, headrest, armrest, and lumbar support.

**All mesh design from headrest, chair backrest, to chair seat
*2 ways adjustment mesh headrest(height and angle)
*3D adjustable armrest (height, sliding, and pivot) with soft PU armrest pad and black color finish armrest frame 
*Synchronous mechanism with 4 positions lock, tilting tension adjustment, and chair height adjustment
*Adjustable PU lumbar support, Users are able to adjust the support mannually
*350 mm reinforced Nylon + Glass Fiber material chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

The 5889AX-B is a high-back model with headrest in the 5889 series, which is an office mesh chair that incorporates the concept of ergonomic design.

The chair uses breathable mesh to make the seat and backrest of the chair. 

The mesh has good air ventilation, so it is less likely to feel stuffy even when sitting on the chair for a long time.

In this chair, we have paired it with our patented multi-adjustable headrest, which is made of the same mesh material as the chair body. The adjustable functions include adjusting the height, angle, and tilt of the pillow surface.

On the backrest, this chair also has a height-adjustable lumbar support that users can adjust the position of the lumbar support according to their needs.

The three-way adjustable armrests are paired with soft PU armrest pads, which can be adjusted in three directions according to the user's needs, including front and rear sliding, pivoting, and height adjustment. 

It provides users with comfortable support for their arms.

The chair is equipped with a synchronous tilt mechanism. The function of synchronous tilt is that the seat and backrest will move simultaneously at a certain ratio when tilting. 

In addition to the tilt function, the chair can be locked at different angles, adjust the tightness when tilting, and adjust the seat height. 

It allows users to freely adjust the posture of the chair and enjoy the most comfortable sitting feeling.

The chair base is made of reinforced nylon material, paired with durable heave duty casters. 

This combination provides good stability for the chair when tilting or moving the chair.

Unlike its sibling 5889AX-A model, which uses bright silver accessories, the 5889AX-B uses a large number of black color accessories, such as armrest supports, backrest supports, or high-fork nylon chair base used on the chair. 

It creates a different appearance and texture for the chair to match different office environment colors.

Overall, the 5889AX-B is a well-designed ergonomic office mesh chair that offers a variety of features to help users maintain a comfortable and healthy sitting posture. The breathable mesh material, adjustable headrest, lumbar support, armrests, and seat all contribute to the chair's overall comfort and support. The sturdy construction and durable materials also ensure that the chair will last for many years of use.

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