LM221 Office Recliner

LM221 Office Recliner

LM221 Office Recliner
LM221 Office Recliner
LM221 Office Recliner
LM221 Office Recliner
Mid-large size leather upholstered office chair series. Special chair structure allows chair to perform reclining and tilting function. Able to choose from synthetic leather, half genuine leather, or full genuine leather
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Synthetic / Half-Genuine leather office chair with tilting and reclining functions

*Synthetic or half genuine leather upholstery
*Fixed steel frame armrest with PU material armrest pad
*Center tilting mechanism with original position lock and chair height adjustment. Chair also has backrest reclining function with adjustable angles up to 120 degrees
*350 mm aluminum chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

Adding a unique office chair to your space.

This office chair is specially designed for both sitting and resting, making it a comfortable chair for both work and rest.

The seat is made of synthetic leather, and you can also choose to cover it with half synthetic leather and half full-grain leather or full-grain leather, giving the chair a touch of sophistication and elegance.

The armrests are made of fixed steel tubes, with soft PU armrest pads.

The seat uses a standard tilt mechanism, with seat tilting, tilting tension adjustment, and chair height adjustment functions.

The main feature of this series of chairs is the specially designed reclining frame structure, which allows the chair to have a larger reclining angle than the general tilt function provided by the chair mechanism.

The chair base is made of 350mm aluminum alloy base with 60 mm soft PU casters. This combination allows the chair to move easily while maintaining stability.

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