LM2206 Office Recliner

LM2206 Office Recliner

LM2206 Office Recliner
LM2206 Office Recliner
LM2206 Office Recliner
LM2206 Office Recliner
Mid-large size leather upholstered office chair series. Special chair structure allows chair to perform reclining and tilting function. Able to choose from synthetic leather, half genuine leather, or full genuine leather
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Synthetic / Half-Genuine leather office chair with tilting and reclining functions

*Synthetic or half genuine leather upholstery
*Fixed armrest with same material leather upholstery
*Center tilting mechanism with original position lock and chair height adjustment. Chair also has backrest reclining function with adjustable angles up to 120 degrees
*Six stars 350 mm reinforced Nylon + Glass Fiber material chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

Adding a versatile office and leisure chair to your workspace, so you can enjoy a comfortable seating experience at work and leisure.

This specially designed sit-and-lie office chair redefines the form of office chairs, making you more focused at work and more relaxed at rest.

The entire chair, including the armrest pad, is made of synthetic leather upholstered with high-density foam. You can choose the chair to be made with half synthetic leather and half full-grain leather or full-grain leather for the whole chair. 

The elegant and refined design of the seat gives it a sense of quality.

The seat uses a center tilt mechanism (Butterfly mechanism), which can be tilted and adjusted in height to meet different needs. The most important feature of this chair is the reclining frame structure on the chair, which provides users with a larger reclining angle than the general tilt function of the base.

The unique six-stars nylon chair base with 50mm heavy duty casters are more stable due to the larger tilt angle. They can move on any surface, allowing you to move freely at work or rest.

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