LM730AKG Leather Office Chair

LM730AKG Leather Office Chair

LM730AKG Leather Office Chair
LM730AKG Leather Office Chair
LM730AKG Leather Office Chair
LM730AKG Leather Office Chair
Leather upholstered office chair series. Able to choose from synthetic leather, half genuine leather, or full genuine leather
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Synthetic / Half-Genuine / Full Genuine leather executive office chair with tilting function

*Synthetic, half genuine, or full genuine leather upholstery
*Fixed steel plate armrest with same material leather upholstered armrest pad
*Knee tilting mechanism with original position lock, tilting tension adjustment, and chair height adjustment
*6 Stars 350 mm reinforced Nylon+Glass fiber material chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

In the busy world of the office, having a reliable and comfortable chair is an important key factor.

This high-back office chair is upholstered in synthetic leather for a touch of elegance, while ensuring durability and easy maintenance. 

It can also be customized with semi-genuine leather or full-grain leather upholstery for a luxurious and sophisticated feel in your workspace.

The chair features fixed back-to-armrest leather-covered steel armrests, which are meticulously crafted with the same high-quality leather material as the chair body. This design provides users with excellent support and comfort, minimizing stress during long hours of work.

The chair is equipped with a knee-tilting mechanism that allows users to recline easily and adjust the tilt resistance according to their needs. The seat height can also be adjusted to ensure a comfortable height.

The exclusive six-stars nylon chair base with 50mm heavy duty casters provides a more stable base support while maintaining mobility on various surfaces.

A unique feature of the chair is that the frame is made of L-shaped heat high-frequency board, and the seat is fixed to the frame with a leather-covered seat back cushion. This design allows the seat back cushion to be replaced directly without damaging the main body of the frame.

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