LMCS02 Multi Functional Fabric Chair

LMCS02 Multi Functional Fabric Chair

LMCS02 Multi Functional Fabric Chair
LMCS02 Multi Functional Fabric Chair
LMCS02 Multi Functional Fabric Chair
LMCS02 Multi Functional Fabric Chair
Mid size two pieces fabric uphostered office task chair. High density standard foam with eco-friendly fabric uphostery. The chair has independent adjustment levers for back tilting, seat tilting, chair height, and fowwarding tilting stopper.
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Mid multifunctional office staff chair

*Easy clean fabric upholstery
*Steel frame height adjustable armrest with soft PU armrest pad and width adjustment
*Two piece chair body with plastic covers on back 
*Multifunctional mechanism with 4 independent levers for back tilting, seat tilting, forward tilting stopper, and chair height adjustment
*320 mm reinforced Nylon + Glass Fiber chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

CS02 is an office chair with a medium-sized design. 

This design makes the chair suitable for office spaces with limited space requirements, while still retaining the chair's multifunctionality.

We have used a number of adjustable components on this chair to allow users to adjust it to a comfortable sitting position.

The main body of the chair is a seat back-separated chair structure, with durable fabric upholstered with high-density foam as the main body. 

A plastic cover is used on the back of the chair for exterior decoration, making the chair look more textured.

In terms of functionality, we have equipped this chair with a multi-function mechanism and a set of adjustable armrests.

The multi-functional mechanism is the main feature of this chair. 

There are four independent function control levers on the mechanism that can separately and independently control the functions of the chair's backrest tilt, seat tilt, seat forward tilt, and seat height adjustment.

Each function is controlled by its own independent operating lever, allowing users to adjust the chair to the appropriate sitting position separately.

Another feature is the multifunctional armrest. The armrest support is made of steel plate structure, with adjustable armrest width and height design. 

The armrest pad is made of soft PU foam, which is more comfortable to the touch. 

This combination makes the armrest more durable and can be adjusted to suit different users.

Overall, the CS02 is a versatile and comfortable office chair that is suitable for a variety of users. It is a good choice for offices with limited space requirements.


Overall size : W 64 (74) * D 65 * H 100-110 cm

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