LM9903AKG Ergonomic Fabric Chair

LM9903AKG Ergonomic Fabric Chair

LM9903AKG Ergonomic Fabric Chair
LM9903AKG Ergonomic Fabric Chair
LM9903AKG Ergonomic Fabric Chair
LM9903AKG Ergonomic Fabric Chair
Ful series fabric upholstered chair. Able to choose from manager model to side chair model. The chair is made with high density PU mold foam on both back and seat with fabric upholstery and unique plastic chair cover.
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Office manager chair

*Easy clean fabric upholstery on both back and seat
*Ffixed PP masterial armrest
*L shape one piece inner plywood with unique plastic cover from back to seat.
*Knee tilting mechanism with original position lock, tilting tension adjustment, and chair height adjustment
*6 Stars 350 mm reinforced Nylon+Glass fiber material chair base and 50 mm heavy duty casters

The LM9903AKG is a high-back office chair model with fabric upholstery from the 9903 series. 

The higher back design provides more support.

The main body of this chair is a L-shaped backrest structure, covered in fabric and high-density PU molded foam. 

PU foam is more elastic than general foam, and it does not collapse easily even after long-term use.

To enhance the appearance of the chair, the back is designed with a unique plastic cover. 

The front side fabric upholstery and the rear side plastic cover make the chair more suitable in professional office environments.

The chair is equipped with fixed plastic armrests. Although fixed armrests do not have many functions, their sturdy structure provides a place for users to rest their arms while working.

The 9903AKG is a larger chair, so we use a knee-tilt mechanism on this high back chair. 

The main functions of this mechanism are able to perform tilting, to lock the original position, adjust the tilt resistance, and adjust the seat height. These functions can be adjusted easily to ensure that different users can use the chair.

Since this 9903AKG is higher, we choose to use a six-stars nylon base and heavy duty casters.

This combination can withstand the test of daily use and ensures stability and mobility on different surfaces.

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