LM2168BX Ergonomic Fabric Chair

LM2168BX Ergonomic Fabric Chair

LM2168BX Ergonomic Fabric Chair
LM2168BX Ergonomic Fabric Chair
LM2168BX Ergonomic Fabric Chair
LM2168BX Ergonomic Fabric Chair
Mid size fabric upholstered office task chair. Chair is made with high density PU mold foam on both back and seat. Unique design plastic covers on both back and seat as well to enhance the quality of the chair. Users are able to choose armrest with different functions as option.
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Ergonomic office task armless chair

*Easy clean fabric upholstery on both back and seat
*Synchronous mechanism with original position lock, tilting tension adjustment, and height adjustment.
*Unique  plastic backrest and seat cover
*320 mm reinforced Nylon + Glass fiber material chair base with 50 mm heavy duty caster

Ergonomically designed products can be comfortably operated and used by different users, and they are less likely to cause poor posture problems due to long-term use.

The 2168BX is a mid-sized office chair that incorporates ergonomic concepts in its design.

In addition to fabric upholstery, the chair can also be upholstered in synthetic leather. 

The leather-upholstered chair provides a different feel than fabric.

This chair uses high-density PU molded foam to make the backrest and seat. 

This foam provides good support and is less likely to collapse after prolonged sitting.

In the back of the backrest and the bottom of the seat, we use plastic covers to cover the seat body, enhance the appearance and improve product durability.

The main function of the chair uses a synchronized tilting base, which can adjust the height of the chair. 

When the synchronized tilting mechanism is in operation, the seat cushion and backrest will adjust synchronously in a 1:2 ratio.

The mechanism can not only tilt, but also be locked in the original angle. 

There is an adjustment knob on the base that allows users to adjust the tilt resistance according to their preference.

This 2168BX style is a no-armrest specification. The no-armrest allows users to easily adjust their sitting position. 

After work, you can easily push the chair under the table for storage, keeping the office tidy.

Although the chair is a no-armrest style, we have retained the chair's expandability. 

Users can choose to add fixed armrests or multi-function armrests to reduce arm and shoulder pressure.


Overall size : W 43 * D 64 * H 94-105 cm

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